Hi I'm new, and I have several questions!

Hello everyone, I am monteilcrayon ( =D ), a drawer based in Dakar,
Senegal. I’m new to website development, even tho I used to work with Muse, at some point did very well with Adobe creative (a bit of linux pao stuff), and started learning html5 and css ; I know I’m cheating on the code using webflow but my aim is to keep drawing, and I have my website to make up, along another artist’s one, for wich I’ll be paid.

Hence I have a few questions :

As I am not a professional webmaster but still willing to make some money aside of my
personal drawing job ;

-which hosting plan should I subscribe for ?
-around these, will I be able to work on multiple websites ?
-(stupid question) is an enlarged picture growing up from a thumbnail a page ?
-toward these hypothetic websites, is the code understandable for another webmaster
who would eventually update it in his own manner ?
-Does the ‘connect your domain’ specification works for more than one website ?
-If i recall properly, does it mean that once I’ll buy them a domain name, Webflow
servers will host them ? Or is it just one main website ?
-end of the questions, can I pop images up by clicking a thumbnail like java permits ?

Thanks A LOT for reading me, and maybe answering… Webflow seems awesome for the moment, and the UI intuitive. Much love. Crayon.

If you are only making one website, you only need to pay for a hosting plan. Say the CMS plan if you plan to make a blog. Once you have that, and a domain name, you’ll link the domain to the site.
If you plan to build several sites, you need a designer plan, like the Lite or Pro plan, and one hosting plan per site you’ll host with Webflow. Price of hosting depends on if it’s CMS or not CMS.

With a designer (lite or pro) plan, yes. Unlimited ones/ You onl start to pay when you start the hosting with domain name (kinda)


Very much

one domain=one website. Each time you pay for a hosting on a site, you can connect one or several domains.

Yes. You can start working before starting to pay for the hosting. Webflow will host unlimited sites for you, you pay a hosting plan for each.

Yes. Javascript. You can craft that manually, with interaction, with code, or simply use the Gallery component of Webflow.

To summarize: to develop multiple websites you need to pay for a designer plan (lite or pro), each months. From there, you can start working on un unlimited of sites for free, then pay a hosting plan for the ones you decide to publish on a custom domain you own.

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Well thank you so much Vincent for your quickness at answering.
It has helped me al lot … to formulate some more questions haha.
I’m sorry being such a newbie, javascript, second time I make the mistake T_T.

I think -as you just suggested - I should subscribe for a lite account,
because (if I might say this here), I can buy a domain on the internet
for around 15$ the year, and I’ve got a friend who has a server where he can
host my websites. As well, my own site, besides my future client’s one, may
contain way more than a hundred images, so I might not go for an hosting plan
long-term. Is that right ?

Thank you very much, truly appreciating the time spent helping me.

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Hi @monteilcrayon

Welcome to Webflow!

Just to add, if you want to export the code to host elsewhere - it won’t export the CMS database if you use that in your site build, just the static pages.

Webflow hosting can definitely handle lots of images though, and fast too, for example I have a client with 500 product images in their online shop. That could even stretch to 2000 within the CMS hosting plan.

Oh and by the way, you’re not cheating using Webflow - you are just coding faster…visually :wink:

  • Dragging and dropping a div block, is like declaring a div block in html, just faster!
  • Choosing that font size, is like declaring it in the CSS, but faster
  • As soon as you’ve coded it visually, you see it visually, no saving and refreshing the browser…

Just to expand on a couple of your Qs and Vincent’s answers:

Thumbnails expanding/pop-ups = Webflow has a Lightbox Gallery component:

Hosting and Domains: