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I'm looking for advice regarding design for our potential templates

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working with my team on two Webflow websites that we’re looking to publish as templates after we get approved as the Webflow template designers.

We’ve seen the guidelines on Submission Guidelines | Webflow, and I think that we covered everything described here.

What we are looking for are some constructive pieces of advice from you guys regarding the design and general layout of the websites.

You can check out our websites down below:

  1. Healthcare Template: Published link / Read-Only link
  2. Cyber Law: Published link / Read-Only link

I had a quick look at these and I really like them. Good work - this is something I’m interesting in doing myself, and would be interested to hear how you get on.

Things I would change with the templates if I got hold of them:

Healthcare template:

  • Calm the shadow down a bit - it’s too strong. It only needs to have a hint of shadow on elements.
  • Possibly related to the last point, but the nav menu dropdowns have odd shadows for each item. I’d lose this shadow from one to the next and just have a shadow on the overall menu here, maybe keeping a separation item as a line.
  • Make the animations faster on load and maybe introduce them a little sooner on scroll than the current activation point
  • I’d probably make the CTA in the menu more prominent and give it a background colour maybe

It does follow the healthcare conventions really well, so I can see this one being quite appealing to smaller medical companies looking to get a really good head-start on their site.

Cyber Law:

  • Again, make animations a bit quicker
  • I’m thinking about the image of that man at the homepage header - lots of people want to change images, and the way this image is set with the transparency and tracing around him would maybe make this swap out a bit awkward. That said, it does look effective as it is and maybe they just need to suck it up and get somebody to sort the same approach out if they want to change the image…
  • I find the hovers over things like the buttons, services, blogs etc. a bit jarring - I would set this to have an animation, even if something low like 75ms.
  • Sort of related to the above point, the Process section is really quite dramatic and could do with some sort of fixed-height or changed layout to stop jumping around so much. Personally, I’d go with a vertical layout which allows the headline on the left and the detail on the right, visible at all times.

I actually think I really like the Cyber template you’ve done, and I’d consider expanding this a little bit to create a general UI template - you’re probably halfway there already, and it probably wouldn’t be too much effort to create a few variations in the same style to fulfil this.

Hope this helps in offering an outside view.