Template not approved by Webflow - Feedback

On September 9 I applied for my template to be sold on Webflow but yesterday I received an email saying it was not approved and the only feedback I received was this link (Become a Template Designer | Webflow). I went through all the items in the submission page but since it’s my first attempt I must have made some mistakes and was really counting on a more assertive feedback from the QA team to improve my designs.

But since I have no idea on what aspects I should improve in order to my template to be approved to be sold on Webflow, I would like some feedback of the community as to what I should fix or change in this layout. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I would use Client-First

Hey, Sebastian. Thanks for replying! Do you mean Client-First Style System by Finsweet? In what way you mean it would improve the site?

I had a hassle renaming the classes of the entire template after reading the Submission Guidelines because it doesn’t allow for any dash or other traditional css conventions, so part of the time we save using It would be ‘wasted’ by having to rename each element in using Finsweet system