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Footer at the bottom, relative to body not working =/

I 'm trying to configure a sticky footer using a container with position relative to body and with bottom option. It doesn’t working.

Is something that i’m doing wrong?

I need to do one like this:

ps. sorry my english, I’m from Brazil

Hi! Have you tried setting the section (or whatever element you want) to Position: Fixed?

Follow the tutorial here: Adding a fixed navigation bar but in your case make sure that you set the preset so it’s at the bottom like so:

Hi, thanks for answer.

But it didn’t work. Now the footer is on the bottom of the browser window and not at the bottom of the content. It’s stay there, at the bottom of the browser, above the content that goes down and as I scroll down the page the footer just stay there.

I need it down the content if the content is long and down the window if the content is little.

Oh okay so you don’t want it fixed at the bottom but for it to flow with the text.

Have you tried creating elements and applying the styles shown here:

i tried the link above from and tried to use in webflow but it does not work…

made a simple page in jsfiddle and it works correctly

[enter link description here][1]

but when i add the same code into webflow it does not work

looks like this

did anyone get this work? any help or comments appreciated

@phi36nine Everything I saw in jfiddle you can accomplish in Webflow (except for the Opera :before fix). Can you post your troubleshooting link so I can see if there’s something you missed?

yeah the first example is the screen shot as you can see it still was riding up… i just pasted the code in the CUSTOM CODE and and add the class name to the DIV…

then i found another example listed below as there is a HTML5 version you can use also

and made it first in jfiddle to and it worked

and then i made in webflow and this example worked…

i will go back and try to make the other one work also…


Yeah that method seems to work great!

@phi36nine @thesergie
Can either of you better explain as to where I should enter this code into my site. Since there is both HTML and CSS not quite sure what to do.

I’m stuck at this too. My footer is riding up and down in different pages and different screen size and different page length. I’m not a code person, can someone please elaborate where do I insert the codes and what codes is needed for footer to stay put at the bottom without being fixed where it overlaps content of longer pages.

i.e. short pages it stays at the bottom of the screen (responsive with different screen size). Long pages it stays at the end of page.

been stuck at this for so long, Please help :tired_face::sob: