I'm a newbie: Is the a Change/Save history?

Hi friends,

Spoiler Alert: There’s probably a very elementary-level term for what I’m looking for … so feel free to skip down to my :star: TLDR bc everything from this point is an embarrassing monologue of me not knowing what I’m doing.

I’m new to web design, Webflow, and design in general. Yay

And I’m noodling around in Webflow University and building out my first Tutorial site.
I did something. Idk what I did, but it was something…and my design “suddenly” does not look the same as the tutorial.

By clicking the undo button about a dozen times, I figured out where I messed up, but i don’t know exactly what i did.
…If that makes sense.

Basically – If I click the undo button ~12 times, I know something in my hero section (content/paragraph’s div block) changed, but idk what.
I’ve scoured the Style Section, clicking undo & redo a bunch of times (within said div block, along with it’s parent & the overall general vicinity)… but still, I cannot track wth happened.

Since I made a whole bunch of changes after the mistake, I really don’t want to go all the way back there, hit undo, and then move forward, because–I have no idea which part if the series I was on when the error occurred. Ouch.
If it wasn’t clear, I am ~painfully~ new at this.

:star: :arrow_heading_down:
TLDR: (1) Do I have to access to a list of changes that I made throughout the site build?
(2) Where can I find it?

…Basically, like, a written out list that I can reference & read over the exact “changes” that I made.
Not a backup, I don’t think…or at least hope not. Just, like, a text list.
A play-by-play, perhaps.

I know there probably is a (beginner level) term for it :frowning:

Thank you for helping :face_in_clouds:

Webflow does not have source control functionality. However you could export the site, build a repo, then commit changes to it. It would be possible to automate it if you wanted and had the skills.

The only way is do so by exporting your site to GitHub automated: https://stacket.app