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History Panel like Photoshop

Sometimes your mouse goes crazy and you drag and drop something somewhere. Or maybe you press a few keyboard keys by accident and trigger a few shortcuts. And the next thing you know you dragged and dropped something into someplace its not supposed to be like a div into another section but it still looks the same on the visual end so you cant tell. But that would break the structure.

There is no way to see what recent changes were made. So can we get a history panel? Exactly like Photoshop. With the 10 recent changes during the design session which clear upon publish. I mean you guys do have an undo and redo button so its half way there, its just a matter of showing whats being undone/redone.

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Their is a versions option in the site settings. Pretty much just an automated save feature webflow have implemented.

Yeah but that’s useless as you have to exit the design session and you can’t even see what was changed.

It’s different than a history panel.

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