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IE11 little boxes under paragraphs

Hi all.

I’ve been told that small boxes appear under paragraphs in IE11. I’m not sure how badly everything else renders as I haven’t been able to see the site on IE11 yet, but if this may be the only thing I need to sort.

Main issue is that I don’t know what these boxes are called to be able to do a search on the issue.

Anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: []

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Welcome to the community, @thisischristian!

I took a peek at the page on your staging site and it looks like those are caused by some extra ‍ (zero-width joiner) tags:


Not sure if you’re pasting content from another source, however you should be able to go in and replace those with non-breaking spaces instead (shift+return/enter) which I’d imagine will prevent those missing glyphs from showing up.

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Thanks Mike,

First post, first webflow site. Not at all a coder, so your help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I did past the copy in, so I’ll take a look at delete those. Not sure where you’re accessing the code, do I need to go wherever that is or should I do it in the visual editor?

Thanks again,

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I just opened up the DevTools on the staging site to look at the actual markup, however this was mainly for troubleshooting purposes. In your case, all edits/updates can happen within Webflow.

Just head into your paragraph on the affected page, drag select the extra spaces where the icons are appearing and delete them. Once you’ve got the hidden code removed, just use the shortcut shift+enter/return to add back in the spaces.

Without getting too much into detail, these non-breaking spaces (shown in the code as  ) are more common in web development and shouldn’t show any missing glyph symbols :+1:

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Thanks Mike. All fixed. Easy to forget that Webflow is generating code… I guess it’s probably good practice to go in and look at the code it’s generating to see what’s there and learn etc.

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