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Android Phone Chrome Browser Bug: X in Boxes appear in Text

I published my Page and everything works fine, excepte one thing:

On any Android Phone in Chrome Browser at some (random?) points through out the text there are Boxes with an X in it. This Problem only appears in the Chrome Mobile Browser for Androird, nowhere else.

Can someone tell me why these things appear and how i can get rid of them?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Your issue is related to this topic and a solution can be found there.

‘Lsep’ appearing in text blocks - Design help / General - Forum | Webflow

Thank you very much Jeff!

Unfortinetly the solutions sugessted in the other thread didn’t work.
But i found another workaround. I copied Pharagraphs with breaks where the symbol didn’t appear and copied the text in. Cheap and wierd but it worked.