White boxes appear when I swipe over Webtabs

Hello all

I managed to get my first Website in Webflow up.
I still have one problem, and I can’t find the answer on the forum or the internet.

By cruising over other Web tabs appear some white boxes.
Does anybody know what these are and know how to disable these ?

Example: Website Problem: Webflow - Album on Imgur

Website: https://www.sparklepixelsprays.com/

Thanks in forward for your Help!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Kilian,

Not sure if I’m misunderstanding your issue, but this is default behavior of a web browser and has nothing to do with Webflow or your website at all. As far as turning them off goes, Chrome removed the ability to do this at least a year ago.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your response!
I mean, not the small white box from the other tab URL.

I mean those shadowed Lines (circled):

They are jumping around when I curse over the different Web tabs.
They are something like (hidden?) containers or maybe selections.

This problem is also on different Web browsers (Brave, Edge, Chrome).

I’m new to Webflow; I may be missing something obvious.

Thanks for your Help!


Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t even notice in your example at first. I do see this problem on the live site, as well as in the designer, but only on the home page. I don’t see anything changing when inspecting the source code as the boxes appear, and I can’t even inspect whatever the specific element might be causing this. I can also see that the boxes don’t even align with the positioning of the containers on the page.

This is really strange, and I’m going to recommend you open a support ticket with Webflow directly in this case. Would be really curious to know the cause though.

Alright, thank you so much for your time.