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Flexbox not working on Internet Explorer

I recently built and launched a site that looks great in chrome, firefox and safari but it’s trashed in Internet Explorer. I’ve looked at it in several versions of IE but they all are dysfunctional. After looking through the site, it seems that the trouble is anywhere I used flex box as the display preference. Anyone know how to remedy this?

Here’s the preview link:

Unfortunately I can’t check it in the IE but as far as I know IE doesn’t support section tag. Had troubles with it. Changed section tag to div and it worked fine for me!

IE does not support Flexbox, thus your problems with it on IE. To be honest though, I wouldn’t mind since a small percentage of Internet users still use browser IE.

Hope this helps.

Reference this article: Flexbox Compatibility with IE11?

Ahh that makes sense. Thanks for the reference.

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