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IE Issues with Flexbox


I’m having some issues getting my site ready in IE (and to some extent Safari). I’m using a lot of Flexbox and in IE this makes things behave differently than I want.

First off, some help pointing me to information regarding what I need to know in the future to build IE-proof websites in Webflow would be awesome. I tried finding this, but to no luck. (Though I’m by no means knows as an avid searcher.)

Second, I decided to focus on a specific problem hoping it will help me to fix the rest on my own:

It doesn’t seem to accept the Flexbox properties, or maybe the CSS properties. And this problem keeps popping up throughout the site whenever I use Flexbox in a way that seems normal to me. So what am I doing wrong to upset these browsers as they don’t seem to follow my logic.

Thanks so much for your help!

Here is my public share link:

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