Idk why when I publish my website getting blank full of black and doesnt match with my design

help me plss :sob:

Here is my public share link:

[1]Webflow - portfolio

On your site body has opacity: 0 applied to it. This should be coming form the custom code, go to Project Settings > Custom Code and check there.

okay but first I have to purchase another plan right?

No I don’t think you should? Which plan are you on right now?

By the way, did you try to go to the Project Settings and see under Custom Code?

this is my view from my custom code

I’m in stater plan right now?

Did you used/cloned a template for this?

yes I cloned someone template and I delete their HTML code bcs I dont want their code and if I used it, it can’t be edit the code thats why I delete it

Maybe there was a loading effect or something, that would make it visible. It should have been in the code that you removed.

But ya you cannot edit on the Starter plan. But if you have plan to add site plan for the site then you should and then you can edit those custom codes.

but I have delete it and didnt used custom code just add interaction

It was there initially and the code you removed should have been used to bring it to visibility.

okay so what should I do for solve this problem?

As I said if you are sure to add plan to your site, then you should and you can edit the custom code.

okay and… can you tell me what part should I delete and make a new contain like just add interaction or maybe not

In the custom code field, you should see

body {
  opacity: 0;

You should just remove that opacity line.

so I have to make a purchase for another plan?

Yes but only if you surely want it?

There are two types of plan, I’m not sure if you know that.

Site plan is to publish your site to a domain, and Workspace (Account) plan is for just development.