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Ideas for making 360 interactive product videos in Webflow?


I’m currently updating a vintage jewelry website using Webflow. I want to know if it is possible to create an interactive video/gif of a 360 degree video?

I first saw this idea years ago on Games Workshop’s website. Here is a link to one of the products they sell with the 360 rotation.

Just click on the “red colored” miniature in the bottom left corner and it will bring up a photo with a “360” icon. Click on the icon and that enables the user to scroll through images of the product.

This seemed somewhat similar to this webflow tutorial of a rose scrolling animation:

Edit: After looking into the web page, it looks like it’s some fancy slider… it’s just calling different .jpg files from their server. Maybe “video” isn’t the right term… rather it looks like they took a 360 video and then exported some of the frames of that video and used those exported frames as reference images for the slider… This is really interesting.

Edit #2: Maybe the trick is to use the information in the webflow tutorial and contain the final product (the scroll based trigger) to a div that is fixed in the browser window…
Thank you.

  • Peter