How to create an endless (repeating) 3D Video Slider w/ 3D camera movement?

Hi there,

new to the forum and Webflow, but I have experience creating websites in general and with other site builders.

I’m currently conducting research for a project and I would like to learn how to build an “endless” or repeating 3D Video Slider similar to the one shown in the reference in Webflow.

Here’s the reference:

Specifically, I am interested in the following:

  1. How can I create a similar effect to the reference, where individual short movie clips move towards the viewer and fade out (= 3D Slider)? (performance can be an issue here, so good ideas on how to build properly are welcome)

  2. The video clips should be clickable, allowing them to open in full screen, similar to the reference, and play the respective video completely. Do you have any suggestions for hosting and customizing the interface completely? I heard Vimeo can be a bit tricky, but is it possible with that platform?

  3. How can I implement the effect similar to the reference where a pseudo 3D dynamic is created by moving the mouse? Does this effect have a specific name?

The design for the website will be completely custom made, but I intend to utilize resources from the Webflow construction kit as much as possible. Also I’m open to similar templates that I could modify.

I appreciate any help, tips, and template suggestions. Thank you very much!