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How to make an image “rotate” with interaction in Webflow?

Hello from the UK - I’m lucky to have found some work for a client in these times - but then my world feels like it has fallen again as its animation and I wondered if any of you could offer me some advice on the spec.

While I have yet to use Lottie in Webflow I’m fine with scroll and normal animations.

But I am now not confident to offer Webflow as a solution to the client for this below:

Would it be possble to create this in Webflow? I see it as a central ball that has 3 icons rotating around it slowly, then once clicked they animate to the top and a div expands to show content on the right.

There are 3 slides or I could just show these on scroll.

When I see things like Weglot for Weblow I’m in awe but cannot decipher it enough to figure out if I can do what they need.

I just need to see if this is a starter and if enough people say its possible here then I will at least spend more time trying to figure it out.

The main thing for me is how I would rotate and animate around a central object on a circular or elliptical path??

Any help appreciate. If anyone feels like they can do it and want to try then message me and we can chat.

Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The link doesn’t work. Please update it. :slight_smile:

The one above? It does for me and hasnt any sharing restrictions far as I know.

There is no public link as I dont know if its possible

Here’s how you can create a read only public link: