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Idea's for design

Team, first time poster and I’m hoping for a bit of engagement and help - I promise it is for a good cause.

My “company” is wanted to produce a printed booklet covering some content. Sadly the content gets out of date very quickly and I want us to make use of the Samsung A50’s each of us are given.

I’ve got the content from a horrible PDF file, and managed to get it uploaded on to a WebFlow site. I’m trying to sell that digital is the way to go, but the way it looks at the moment resembles Netscape 2.0 circa 1996. I’ve wrapped this in an app and used a webview to publish this.

In a previous life circa 2005, I was a Systems Engineer and have since occasionally dabbled in coding (my current occupation should be pretty obvious if you look at the site) - but I’ve got no clue around design.

Any simple pointers to make the site better or more engaging would be welcomed. I’m hoping to bid for funding for a professional to this a proper reality soon. If you see the content you’ll see it is for a good cause.

Best wishes


Read-only site

Rob - It wouldn’t take much to improve this and you don’t need anything overly designed. Rather than explain some pointers I just threw together a quick mockup for the article page to give you an idea for an improvement. Sidebar with topics that show the active topic. For mobile you should turn the sidebar into a dropdown at the top. Take a look.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions if you move in this direction.

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Wowsers! That is amazing, thanks for your help Stevie…!

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