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IDEA: Create webflow wb- base css framework

I don’t put this idea on wishlist because is to too much “revolutionary” - I’d like to hear people’s opinion first.

Like -or- webflow will start with A minimalist CSS framework starter (Under setting add checkbox “import WB framework”).

Like this - the Base CSS will be ± the same for all templates/projects (With very minimal effect on performance). Over time maybe the framework could grow.


  • In all of my projects, I create base styles for section (Top/Bottom padding). Why not using wb-section
  • TYPO: Bold text use wb-text-bold, Uppercase? use wb-text-uppercase, align center use wb-text-center, Heading add .wb-h1 to .wb-h6
  • Basic Card (Padding arround) - use wb-card

Not like Regular CSS, In webflow its very easy to change styles per element (Select and Change / add combo-classes and so on) - anyway the DRY approach still could be useful + Create a common language.

Isn’t it already the whole point of copy-paste in webflow allowing each designer to build their boilerplate css styles / frameworks to re-use in any project ?

(And that makes it consistent with your own class naming… rather that having wb everywhere :slight_smile: )

Each designer != each team

Bootstrap consept. Same class names for all projects (Not only in your micro / copy-paste case level). Today each project share is with other class names for the same ideas like typo styling.

Copy and paste is great but year from now i am new dev in your company. I know - what is 'wb-card" instead of combo class: “site-box”, “box”, “wow”, “red”

Ok, that’s not a use case for me, but I get it.
(I guess I would build a base framework for my company’s needs which would be documented in a page accessible to every new designer hired — but maybe that’s just me).