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Bootstrap-ish Starter-Template

Hey there!

I love using Bootstrap/ Foundation/ CSS-frameworks in general, just because I’m not great at creating user interfaces and it provides a solid foundation you can build on.

It might be cool if there was a similar thing for webflow, pre-built components (symbols?) users can just use as a place to start their websites without having to design everything. So what I’m thinking about is just a starter-template with clean/ basic components like bootstrap.

I’d surely not the one to build it but this is more about the idea :slight_smile: What do you think?

Hey @FvG totally agree! Here was one i built a while ago as a test:

But watch this space I have many im working on! Hopefully they hit marketplace soon :smile:


WF is the Mercedes Benz of Web designing. Yet simple to drive.

@tim Nice! Hopefully we’ll get a marketplace for components here, it might be easier to sell them in that case :blush:

@topelovely Not sure what you want to say…?