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Icon not showing on Mobile Devices

Hi, On my Design page I have a portfolio overlay with a portfolio icon. On my iPhone (4 - and still working!) I cant see the link icon. If anyone has the time could you see if you are having the same problem and see if you know where I am going wrong as I really can’t see anything - really appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you.

Here is my public share link:

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Hi @Roxzfr, thanks for the post. I was checking and I cannot find the page called “Design”, could you confirm the page that the link is on, and post a screenshot of that in the designer?

Thanks in advance!

My apologies - the Portfolio page

Hi @cyberdave - Can you offer any advice re my mobile issue?


Hi @Roxzfr, thanks a lot for your patience. I tested the site with an iPhone4, but safari crashed on me.

One thing I noticed, is that the site is very heavy with images, 85% of the over 7mb of page content is images. I would try to reduce the site page weight (site size of all images etc) to around 2mb maximum.

The site loaded fine for me on iPhone 5 with the mobile icon showing, so there might be something with iPhone 4 and iOS 7.1.2 that causing an issue, but I have not been able to isolate that precisely.

I hope this helps, if I can find out more info on this, I will let you know immediately.

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