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My first site - issues with an interaction

Hello, I am a fledgling designer and have done well with static sites, I have now made the leap to Webflow and I love it. In order to get my first site out quickly and further my understanding I used the Angler Template by MonsTTer; however, I have a problem with the Portfolio Wrapper interaction (as on my Home page - Be Inspired section & Portfolio (Design) Page) On mobile landscape and portrait in Webflow it all looks OK but when I look at it on my actual phone (I published on the so I could test it) you can’t see the link icon. Can anyone help? It will teach me not to be so lazy next time!!!

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

I looked at your actual published site, and the links are working for me. I just touched the images and an overlay with a link icon showed up. I then clicked the link and it took me to other pages.

Perhaps I’m not understanding the problem?

Thanks Ctotty. On my iphone the link icon doesn’t show, it could just be an issue with my phone?

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