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Brand image won't display on phone when published

I’m having trouble getting my brand image to display on my published site when I view it on my phone. I’ve asked a number of other people to check it, and they are also unable to view it from their phones:

I don’t believe it’s a phone issue - I’ve updated my browser, my iOS is up to date, and I’ve cleared my browsing history.

Within my portfolio site, I have one, larger brand image set to appear on desktop and tablet only, and another, smaller brand image set to appear on phones only. When I preview these within Webflow, everything appear to be correct, but when I publish and view on my phone, the brand image disappears altogther.

In the designer:

In Preview mode:

In the designer:

In preview mode:

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions are welcome!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the link to my published site:

Hi. First remove the “overflow: hidden” from you logo (No meaning for this in your case - read her whats is overflow).

Next i dont see any “smaller image set to appear on phones only”. Read her “Hiding elements on different breakpoints” section:

Last this how you create fixed navbar (very simple)

  • On android your site looks fine but maybe the fixed position + overlflow makes some bug on safari (Or the “salad” you made - absolute conatiner inside this container fixed logo and so on - maybe on iphone the logo is outside the screen)

@Siton_Systems thanks for the information. I actually watched the entire 3 hour 40 minute video you posted to build my website! That’s exactly where I learned how to create a fixed navbar :slight_smile: When I first published my website, it was working fine and completely responsive. Now my only issue is that I can’t get the brand image to appear on iPhones. Maybe it really is an iOS glitch.

first remove the styles (Than Check) - later add the fixed and check. again maybe this is a bug of fixed & overflow hidden element inside absolute parent (Wired combination)

The best way in this cases is start from zero (Easier than finding bug like this one). 4-5 minutes

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