I would like to see the form functionality improved a little bit

I designed a website for a company I work for and we rely heavily on form submissions to gather data before we talk to a client. While the data we receive is definitely usable and extremely helpful, I feel the overall look and functionality of the system could be improved.

For starters, There are four different forms on the site that prospects submit info to. In the dashboard, the entries are organized by form. I would love a way to delete specific form entries without having to delete all form data from that form.

Secondly, when exporting to excel, the data in the spreadsheet is missing the headers that are included in the dashboard.

This makes it especially difficult to interpret the data from our “check box” form items. Since all the data says is true or false depending on whether or not the box was checked, without headers, those fields are useless.

Another puzzling oddity is that the form data is reversed when exported to a .csv. Looking at the data in the webflow dashboard, we’ll say that the order of the columns goes Column A, Column B, Column C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J… Now when the data is exported to excel, the data is then presented as Column A, then Coulmn J, Column I, Column H, G, F, E, D, C, B. This paired with the fact there are no headers makes it very difficult to do anything with the data in its .csv form.

Please consider some changes to the form system!


So are you using more than one form per site and having them submitted to different email addresses?

More than one form on the site, but all are sent to the same distribution list.

Is there any chance of the csv data export issues being rectified. I have created a large’ish form and the reversed headerless columns is a bit of a pain.
Or does anyone know of a workaround?