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Filter Form Submissions and Show Most Recent Submissions First

It would be nice if we could filter/sort form submissions within the site settings tab without having to export. At a minimum, can we list the most recent submissions first? It is a pain to sort through old submissions first.


The best way I have found to do this is to not deal with the dashboard submissions at all and instead forward your form to a gmail address to sort as you wish. Gmail is far more powerful and is also searchable. You can also forward the emails from the gmail to your chosen email address.

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Already doing that… but it is nice to be able to view in the dashboard when I am already working with that site. I would also like to see this sort functionality in the CMS for clients.

I second this. A few weeks ago it was showing newest at the top. Now it’s reverted to oldest first again :frowning:

Any more news on this. would be very handy.

@webflow is this an easy fix on your end?


The form data that is collected on site populates tables in the site settings that is ordered displaying the oldest first. Why can’t this display the newest form submissions first and when I click ‘View More’ it loads older ones?

I know I can download them in a csv but ideally I just want to copy and paste them from this table and to do that I have to click through hundreds of older submissions.

Not a major feature but something that niggles at me.