I would like to insert .md into Webflow. Is this at all possible?

I’m writing some docs in markdown .md, and I’d like to eventually insert them in Webflow and use Webflow to style them.

I can export very plain HTML (like very basic, which is fine) but I can’t copy and paste into Webflow or else it comes with the tags intact e.g. <H1>Hello World</H1>, etc…

Has anyone figured out a way to get the .md with some sort of presentation layer into Webflow? Any and all ideas welcome! Thanks.

If it’s HTML code, you can paste it in a Custom Code component (bottom of the +Add panel).

Yeah, I know about that, but I can’t style it easily or edit it as I’m used to in Webflow. Thanks anyway.

That’s the downside, yes. You cans till add classes in your code, add the same classes to dummy divs in Webflow and style for those classes, that will format your text.

I just thought about this, what if you convert your md to rtf, and then paste all the text in RTF elements in Webflow? Easier to style and more Webflow UX Start here: https://cloudconvert.com/md-to-rtf

That’s more like it! :slight_smile: Thanks.