I want to configure multiple domains to one site


I’ve created a website that has three pages: design, photo, video. I’d like to make each page have its own domain, so I purchased shawnfleming.photos and shawnfleming.video. I tried linking these domains through GoDaddy, but I used domain masking which introduced problems like lack or responsive design on mobile and getting stuck on that domain no matter what page you go to afterwards.

Is there a way for me to assign three domains to pages in the same site? I have them now as shawnfleming.design/photography, but maybe I’d have to set up photography.shawnfleming.design and link it from there? I’m not sure where to go from here, and if this is something I would do through the domain host or Webflow.

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No, that is not possible with Webflow hosting. You cannot set different domain names to different pages on the same project.

You can either:

  1. forward the other domains into a specific page on one project from your domain name registrar account dashboard, like how I have forwarded this to a specific page on my site http://webflow-expert.com, or

  2. make two other copies of your existing project, set up hosting with different domains, set a different start/home page

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how do you set up the example from your first option?