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One site 3 domains 3 home pages

For a site we might want to move to WebFlow - they have 3 domains on the same site, and each has a different “home” page. (For example,,, and each go to their own start pages – but any of those with, say, /about appended to the domain will go to the single “about” page, since they are all on the same site.)

On their current CMS, they can set the added domains with the associated home pages.

What is the best way to approach this in we move this site over?

Thanks - Bill

Can you provide a real-life example?
all go to same site.

One goes to /home, another to /index, and the third to /default - but if just the domain is entered then the apparent home page for that domain is what comes up, and the address bar does not show the .index etc.

I’m assuming the CMS for the existing site does that.

In Webflow you can only have one home page per site, so you’ll have to have three separate hosted sites.

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Yes, it’s the existing CMS. I asked Support, they suggested someone here might have a way to do it.

Thanks for input – I suspect you are right.