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I need to CLAIM my Account

Hello Webflow Friends

I’m the Founder of a Company called “Ad-Vantage Services” and we use Webflow.
My former co-founder still has the account on his EMail adress and is telling me that he can’t change it to the companys main E-Mail adress. Which I don’t see, but anyways. I’m hoping the Admins here can contact me and help me to claim the Account we are paying for. Otherwise I would immediately DELETE my plan. Because I’ll not pay for something I don’t use. And I have customers that wait for their site.
please contact me.

@Advantage hi there. Could you clarify what’s going on? Webflow doesn’t provide web addresses, those need to be bought through a provider like namecheap, dreamhost… If this is about an issue with your co-founder, there’s nothing webflow can do.

Hi Sarah

The issue is solved.