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SOLVED: Webflow won't let me sign up for an account for my client


I’ve got my own, personal webflow account. Now I’m in the process of creating a new site for a client and I want to do that on their own Webflow-account (not my personal account). But, Webflow keep telling me this that “Hrmm…looks like you already have an account. Try logging in with”.

I’ve signed out from my own, personal Webflow-account, but still it won’t let me create a new one for my client.

Pretty much all the web services will work the same. It’s logical, how do you want a feature like “password recovery” to work?

With Gmail email addresses, there is a workaround by adding “+something” like this . Gmail will ignore everything after the + and route the email. But websites consider this as a unique email. And you have the benefit of being able to filter these mails in Gmail.

I just tested the same thing with and but it does not work. I’m disappointed because I plan to leave Gmail and this feature was extremely handy.

Thanksfuly for you, you can create as many aliases your want on icloud:

Well…G-mail is not supposed to have anything to do with this. This client account has absolutely nothing to do with my personal account "". I just want a standalone Webflow-account for Charlotte Kornfeld with the e-mail adress
Sorry if I get this wrong but how come cannot just sign up for a fresh, new account?

Oh Ok, I got that wrong. I don’t know at all then… Try from a different browser maybe? Or from a different session on your computer… it’s weird that Webflow seems to use cookies to deny you the right to open another account. Maybe they don’t want people to have multiple free accounts.

Also I have an ERRATUM to add to my previous statement. icloud emails are in fact supporting the +thing, I finally received my tests emails.

No worries mate!

It’s been solved now. Basically I needed to empty my browser cache in order to get Webflow to “forget” my personal log-in. May seem a bit weird, but as you stated it’s probably put up that way to avoid multiple free accounts.

Okay, cool! Good for you! :slight_smile: