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I need help with custom breakpoints to keep my site pretty

How can I manually re-code the breakpoints in WF’s custom code so that I get desired breakpoint at 1800px instead of the current 1024 (or 1200)px.

I’ve designed a site here: that doesn’t use containers to display content on the main page. (Because I want to use the full width of the screen). My site is pretty on wide screens (1800px and up) but a pain between the 1000 - 1800px. So, I want to rewrite the WF breakpoints. Is there an easy solution by adding some lines of custom code to the head?

Desired solution
I’m looking for a solution that lets the user see the tablet portrait upto 1800px width. So:
1800+ px --> desktop view
+/- 780 - 1800 --> tablet portrait view
and the mobile views are fine.

I’ve seen these three topics, but can’t seem to find the solution:

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