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Horizontal tablet view


I know there’s not a ‘customized break points’ now, but I’m wondering, is there a way that I can fix the horizontal tablet view of my website now.

Here’s the link:

when I shrink and resize the website, it’s awkward to see the resizing process from PC view to tablet view…
I add containers to the place where everything is centered, but for my home page, and I have everything more like a landscape/ almost fullscreen (padding is 15% rather than 25% like container).

So what I want is:
if ( viewer > 1280 ) { show PC view }
if (viewer < 1280) { show Tablet view}

And I hope that ‘1280’ can be customized…

I tried this, but didn’t see any changes

@media screen and (min-width: 1200px) { .w-container { max-width: 1170px; } }

I also tried to set an min width to the [content-2], but it will just cut out the oversize part, and the picture inside will act weird …

And then I find a guy have same question of me date back to 2015 LOL

So I hope this problem’s already fixed and it’s just I didn’t find the right answer after digging the forum for 1 hour…