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iPad Landscape mode (991px breakpoint)

I know this has popped its head up in the past, but I’m just wondering if there’s anyway that you can force Webflow (or indeed the code) to allow the same styling in use for iPad tablet portrait, to be used on iPad landscape.i.e. 991px
It’s always a frustrating aspect when coding Webflow sites. Landscape mode appears to only take styling from it’s desktop rules. I would prefer if I can force it using custom code to display the harmburger, portrait styles, etc.
Can anyone advise?

This seems to have helped. But a Break-point for IPad landscape would make the world a better place…! :slight_smile:

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Agreed, I end up wishing for this in pretty much every site built with webflow. Landscape tablet users essentially become second class citizens unless custom code is used. Then it’s the usual custom-code pain-in-the-*** workflow of switching between designer and settings to edit code then publishing to view changes - which I end up trying to avoid simple because it’s so slow and annoying (particularly when compared to the usual quick/slick webflow workflow).

I noticed this most recently with using a video background – the video works on desktop views but not on touch screens of course, so I switched to an image slideshow for these devices – but as landscape tablet picks up desktop views, the slideshow doesn’t appear, instead we get the poster frame of the video.

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actually I take it back… this hasn’t helped at all:

<style type="text/css">
      @media screen and (min-width: 1200px) {
        .w-container {
          max-width: 1170px;

I have a lovely hover on load effect that I want to use, but can’t now as the iPad landscape is only governed by desktop rules.

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