Custom Breakpoints Ipad Pro


How can I make sure I can design stuff for Ipad pro?

I created this website: I want on Ipad Pro and all tablets to have a different container than desktop.

Basically I need a breakpoint at 1024px.

Can someone help me with a code?

Thank you in advance!

Facing the same issues, it’s basically a deal breaker! Did you ever resolve this?

There have been a couple recent threads about this, but the short answer is that you should be making sure interactions aren’t vital to your desktop design. iPad Pro’s have thrown a wrench in using media queries that target based on screen resolution (not just Webflow), but thankfully the amount of people actively browsing on that device are low. I’d imagine those who choose to use it more regularly as a laptop replacement have a mouse/trackpad, but there isn’t a good solution.

Here are the threads: