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I need help to know if webflow fits for my project in terms of limitations

Hello guys,

I’m going to start a website which compares content in a specific niche. At the moment I’m planning to do everything only in one language but the plan later is to get through investors the potential in growing everything and translating the content in any language we want to focus on.

For that reason I need to know if I can use Webflow for that. I’m a tech-guy who really loves webflow and its features, but I need to know if its a good fit for my project.

What we need?

  • I already read multiple restrictions at webflow where I’m not sure if I understood them right.
    As I’m translating the content in different languages I would need more more then Max number of pages per project at webflow or is it possible to connect projects together so I can create for every language a new project?

  • I know I’m really optimistic here, but if were going to get a traffic lets say in range between 100k-1M monthly, would webflow still be a good fit?

  • I’m going to create for the comparison mechanic a collection list through the cms and then filter this list via external plugins like isotope or mixup, already figured out how that works but again, cms is very limited as I’ve seen in scaleability, here the same question, what if I’m going multi-language?

  • In term of security, how is this backed up at webflow? Or would you just say, that I later can go with a different hoster which fits maybe better to our specific traffic?

Would be really nice if you could give me some very important advice!
Really appreciate your help, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Hi @Richie

Initially, i’ll list a few links which might provide some more clarity for you. You can also contact the sales team to discuss scalability, security issues, or recommendations for hosting plans.

Multi-language CMS:

Hosting, scalability, security and plans: (also see the Business plan upgrade for up to 1M monthly visits)

Isotope and Mixitup: There are a number of posts,tutorials, and discussions on the forum using the search feature - i’m guessing you’ve already seen those?

At present you can export sites on certain designer plans, but not the CMS data. Ideally you shouldn’t need to leave Webflow hosting - but i’d recommend contacting the team to discuss and scalability or security questions you have for your specific project at the outset.

Hope that’s useful…

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You can also take a look at this post for a longer list of limitations you may run into

► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits


Thanks Sam, I remembered that one whilst writing and forgot to add it!

It’s linked on my profile, you can always copy the link from there if you can’t find it.

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