I need general help with Webflow (Beginner)

hello together

I am making a portfolio and I accidentally did not work on the “base breakpoint” and then had problems when I had to copy the “list” from one page to the other and reassign the animations to the class. On the “Teaser_1” it shows “1 on this page, 1 on other pages.” at the top of the selector. Does it have anything to do with this and will there be problems about it?

Secondly, I would like to get the typography on the teaser in the other devices responsive, if you currently change, then the font size remains the same and is too large for the other devices.

Thirdly, i wonder how i could place a mp4 / gif in my link teaser. at the moment it only says that you can’t place videos in links. is there an alternative?

Furthermore, I wonder if I have overlooked anything else important before I finish the teaser page and link it. I’ve only had Webflow since yesterday. The current portfolio is here:

Webflow Editor: Webflow - Portfolio_2022

Website: https://www.lukas-knecht.com

Thanks a lot :pray:

I was thought I could land a plane by just giving it a go. I was wrong and crashed it. Fortunately it was a simulator. Web design is complicated. Even when using no code / low code tools like webflow. That is why they have multi hour courses in the university to help you along and to learn the fundamentals. I have been building sites since 1995 and still invest at least a couple of hours to keep up with changes and new devices. I strongly recommend you head over to the university and invest in your education. It’s always tempting to build first but you really end up going down fruitless paths and wasting your time.

Also trying to get four or five questions in a post answered typically ends up with no replys. I recommend one at a time.