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2021 DESIGN PORTFOLIO COURSE problem with uper breakpoint

When I wanted to add a “breakpoint lager” I had this massage
and the CSS has changed a lot.
Can you help me ?

my read only link

Karle, easiest thing to do is click on elements and see which ones show blue changes.

Hi Karle,
Thank you for your reply. The size of the typography had been changed. I do not know why. It wasn’t my fault. Probably a bug.
Could you please explain to me why I received this error message. In the Webflow tutorial, it did not appear.

The message you included in your original reply is just confirming you meant to create a new, larger breakpoint as it can’t be removed after it’s added. It’s more of a notice and not an error—it will appear on any project when you try to add larger breakpoints.

The changes to your styles from the base breakpoint will cascade up to the larger sizes, but font sizes shouldn’t have changed unless you were looking at a smaller breakpoint when you jumped up to the larger one.

This is exactly the case. :+1: Right now it’s not possible to remove a larger breakpoint once it has been created, so we’re showing this message before you create them.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the breakpoints article + video to learn more about the expected behavior when adding larger breakpoints: Breakpoints | Webflow University

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I understood about the message appeared.

However I assure you that I did nothing after adding the breakpoint and the font size had well changed. anyway thank to IDATUS it wasn’t a big problem :wink:

Thanks you for your explanations