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I miss the old visibility controls

I find myself more and more having to add classes so I can use the display none property just to be able to hide an element on mobile. The old visibility controls that added the inline-style hidden was simple and I’m not really sure what necessitated the change. Sometimes it is just the little things that we love that make building our sites simpler. Like the centering control adding auto margin left and right with one simple click.

„Hidden“ attribute is back, as well as the center“ button.Screen_01

thanks. i know about both and referred to them in my original post :slight_smile:

display none doesn’t work the same way as the old visibility controls which applied the display none property inline (if i remember correctly) without the need for a class for the element. display none has always been an available property for elements.

sorry if i’m not articulating the difference clearly but there is a difference.