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I love the "Since you've been gone" message

Weblfow is like Adobe CC now, one feature at a time and taking you by surprise (:

Hurray for drag and drop images! I tried to do it so many time without thinking (all of our new sites developed with NodeJS have this option now, I tend to think it’s universal) :smiley:


Thats great - Had no idea about that because Webflow keeps me permanently logged in so I had to log out and back in for the message - any chance the since you’ve been gone messages can appear on page refresh?


Thanks @OvertonGraphics, we’ve got some improvements in the works. :wink:

In the meantime, you can view a list of all updates here:

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We actually have that in our admin panel where we add all of these notices… ESP!

A very edifying contribution to the conversation ;o)


Ooh…didn’t know that was possible - I’ve been muttering under my breath throughout the day when I get up then return my computer only to find Webflow’s asking me to log back in again… I gotta find how to be permanently logged in!

By default we keep you logged in if you’ve been active in Webflow for the past 7 days it won’t log you out. @FutureCompost do you share your login credentials with others? Could be why.

I think when i signed in for the first time chrome asked if i wanted it to remember my password and i said always - so maybe thats a reason - cause even if I shutdown the mac and boot back up ill still be logged in. Might be a factor


Interesting. I work on a desktop + laptop, sometimes simultaneously, all day. Can I tweak Settings or Pref’s so Webflow’s happy with that?


How cool is it that a Webflow’s team is as responsive as it’s product!

@FutureCompost - only one browser can be logged into Webflow at once so that’s probably why! :smile:

‘ya win some and ya loose some’ :o) thank-you