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That would be great to be able to manually sort the pages

Here is my issue :

Yes I even use some entries as separators. It’s very useful when it comes to this :

This should be possible without affecting the sites quite easily, right?

It works like a charm for the Symbols :

Thanks for listening!


Thanks for the feedback @vincent! We have this and other really cool page improvements on our roadmap. We’ll keep you updated.


Thank you.

Sergie, you know, Weblfow is the only site I launch for nothing other than to check if there’s a “Since you’ve been gone” message. Left two weeks for vacations, launched it and… no message :smiley: .

“It’s killing me Jerry! it’s killing me!”

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Be prepared for a barrage of announcements in the next couple of months… Even kramer would approve :thumbsup:


Same here. Waiting for that message. Working in webflow every day, loving it, still waiting for more cool features to play with. I’ll guess this both a awesome feeling and also pressure at the developers.

Nicely done putting your users in this postition =D

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