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Saving password (auto complete off)

why the site webflow ( does not save the password and login? I am already getting tired of every time enter my account and password.

Hey @lucaspchara make sure you have cookies enabled. Usually we time out sessions after 2 weeks so you should stay logged in for that time.

I really like LastPass to save my passwords and fill in forms for me. Hope it helps!

Not entirely true, @thesergie. At work I use Google Chrome where I have to write my email and password all the time. At home I have all passwords and logins already put in thanks to my Safari on OS X :slight_smile:

I think the problem is in this line of command: autocomplete = “off”
at least on crhome this prevents the auto complete.
My cokies are enable!

Hi @lucaspchara - just pushed an update to remove autocomplete=“off” in our login form.

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