I keep getting "RuntimeError [400] Validation Error" when creating a new collection itemfrom make.com scenario

Hello everyone!
How are you?
I am developing an automation flow in make.com scenario to post a blog into webflow.
All works fine, but I keep getting an error when creating a new collection item.

I assume 100% that this error comes from webflow. Not from make.com
The json data to pass to webflow is like this.

As you can see “excerpt” field in json data, it contains “\n”. Well, this will make 400 runtime error?

Weird thing is when I don’t include excerpt data in json, automation flow works fine. Meaning, I am able to post a blog using make.com automation flow.
Only when I include, not working, getting 400 runtime error.

I verified my json data on an online validator. json structure is very correct.
Please help me. :grin: