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Do messed classes have any affect on published website?

I have a mess in my classes, just a simple question:
Are names of my classes showed on the published website and are there any consequences besides comfort?

Hi @eugene No matter how mess your classes, it won’t affect a thing for your published website :smiley: All of your classes will be in your-domain.webflow.css file. Are they showed on the published website? Everything is showed if by that you mean people can see it… somehow, in a way.


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What @pastiwibawa said is all true, additionally, to keep things clean and unambiguous in your class name structure, we have included the ability for you to delete unused classes…it is always a good idea as we many veterans know, to be tidy in web site/project development, keep consistent naming convention for classes and remove unused classes from your project when needed. :smile:

Cheers !

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It’s always better to have a clean code… but what works works. And if your site doesn’t have a gazillion of hits per seconds, and the need to be extremely optimized, you’re more than fine.

Cyberdave just pointed out the delete unused classes features. It’s extremely handy and help to clean your website. Let me explain.

If you end up with a mess in your classes, there are chances you’ve been designing right in Webflow. Not having a clear view of what you have to build make it impossible to decide on classes names and block structure in advance. hence the mess.

Now when you have free time, use it to redo from scratch an entire section. Now knowing where you aim, you can decide on your structure and classes names beforehand. Once the section replicated, erase the old one, go to the classes panel, list the unused classes (all your old and now unused classes appear) and clear it.

One section a day keeps the mess away (:


Thanks! Your replies are useful!