I have no Editor on my project

I have forgotten how to give my client login information for their website Webflow, so that they can change text and images themselves.
And I found this video: Using the Editor for clients and collaborators - Webflow tutorial - YouTube
But in this video he talks about “Editor” under “General”

  • but I don’t find this menu “Editor” under “General”?? Why? (see printscreen)

  • now it has been over 2-3 years since any of my clients asked about login to their website. And I’ve completely forgotten how to do that?
    Thank you very much !
    And I would be glad to get a quick reply as they will need this today.

Hi @neanea6060

Intro to the Editor

You will need to have either a CMS or Business plan for that project to enable this.

Within site settings, select Members, you can then add a member using their personal email address which they will receive a link to setup their own password.

Content editors can then log into the Webflow Editor by adding ?edit to the end of their website’s URL. For example: www.webaddress.co.uk?edit

Hope this helps.

I have both CMS and Business plan
So how do I solve this problem?
By the way, why can’t I see the menu “Editor” as int he youtube movie?

@neanea6060 See screenshot.

Sorry, that previous Editor tutorial is out dated.

Go to Site settings, Members, Add content editor. Box opens, add the users’ email address and apply an editor role (publish and edit or edit - this is dependant on workspace plan) then Invite.

User will receive a link to create their own password to be able to log in to the Editor.

To access the Editor, the User types the site URL plus the ?edit at the end. For example: www.webaddress.co.uk?edit They will then have to log in using their email address and password they set.

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Thank you so much for a great support!!

By the way, as this video is out dated. Is there another new video , with this topic?

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@neanea6060 looking at the Webflow learn portal, there doesn’t seem to be an updated video as of yet. Good luck with your project, glad I could help.

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