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I have helped my customer get some speeches out here as MP3 files on this site. But they don't always work on the website? Why?

I have helped my customer get some speeches out here as MP3 files on this site. But they don’t always work on the website? Why?
They have worked before - but they are not working at the moment. It seems that some work but not all?
Her is one of the site with speeches

I have done this MP3 as an iframe

Hi again! could anybody help me with this? Several told me that this don’t work.
Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi again! Can nobody help me here :sleepy:
I come from Business Catalyst and I have convinced our customer that Webflow was the best choice. But the MP3 files do not work on this site made with Webflow, it worked when we was in BC. So what shall I do?

It’s a google drive “issue”. Gdrive is not meant to be webhosting, so they don’t really support it. Further more, depending on your visitor’s browser or drive settings, the Gdrive link will prompt download - which your browser will deny because of iframe.

You should host the mp3 files on a web server and embed from there. Same iframe technique, just a different URL ( for example)

thanks a lot @Ozone , but that cost? I try the link, but it doesn’t work?

They don’t want to pay for this, as this is a church.
But in BC we could have as many MP3 files as we want without paying extra.
But with Webflow we can’t upload MP3? But we can upload MP4 :thinking:
I think it’s strange that you can have MP4 on a webflow site, and MP4 has much mor MB than MP3. So why doesn’t Webflow allow you to upload MP3 files.
Is there any other platform I can use to host these MP3 speeches for free?

Oh no that link is just an example. It does not exist :smiley:

Webflow does not support mp3 indeed. They kinda seem to only let you upload UI components like images, video or lottie.

Dropbox could work? It has a free tier.

Have never used Dropbox as a hosting.
can I do it as an iframe as Gdrive?
But it must be same issue as with Gdrive or?

Dropbox is a bit more ‘open’ in hosting than Gdrive :slight_smile:

And yes, same iframe! Just the dropbox preview link instead of the Gdrive one. Ideally you would have real hosting, but I would try this first if it needs to be free.

OK thanks a lot!
I will try that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi again @Ozone
Could you please help me a little more?
I have done this iframe with Gdrive:



I have now a dropbox link, which is this:

So how do I do it now with dropbox?
is this correct if I use same iframe above, with this link:



Replace the ?dl=0 with ?raw=1 in the link, then it should work.

@Ozone was that correct now (see above)

It looks about right! Does it work if you try it?

No it doesn’t work?
I tried it her: (please see speech No. 3 whic is called: Zacharias Zachariassen: Guddómurin/Tríeindin
(Hóskvøldið 29-10-2015 í Mizpa)

This should be:


Link ending in .mp3?raw=1

sorry @Ozone I can’t see any different between the first one you wrote,
and the next one which you said it should be?

Sorry, I forgot to edit the link text :slight_smile: Updated my post

sorry @Ozone it don’t work either? I put these:



Why the /preview at the end? Does it do that automatically?

I don’t know what happen, but I deleted the preview, and published again.
But now 2 of the speeches are gone (the one I changed to dropbox, and the other one under that which was with gdrive)
I think you have to look at my sharelink

  • and see link here, - here should be 4 MP3, but now it is only 2