Mp3 audio files in CMS using Dropbox link doesn't work anymore

For some years I have used Dropbox for our Mp3 audio files in CMS.
But today I have to upload new Dropbox files, - but this does not work. And I have read that Dropbox has done something new to the files, so that you cannot use it for Webflow’s CMS anymore??

What I have been used to using is:

(What is in parentheses above have to be be taken from the Dropbox link)

Here is the last link where we have uploaded Mp3 sound files: Jóhs. Ev. 11:45-57

  • but it does not work because Dropbox has made some changes??

Can you tell me what I need now to be able to use Mp3 audio files in CMS when Dropbox doesn’t work?

By the way, Is it possible to use Google Drive?
Because I have the MP3 file here on Google drive: 18 Jun, 12.28_, Dávid á Roykheyggi, jóh.11,45-57.mp3 - Google Drive

So that would be great if we could put this Google Drive link on the CMS, as a MP3 file? or?

Thank you so much!

It seems that Dropbox has made changes to their file sharing system, which may have affected the ability to use Dropbox links for audio files in Webflow’s CMS. To resolve this issue and continue using MP3 audio files in Webflow’s CMS, you can try using Google Drive links instead.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Upload MP3 files to Google Drive: Ensure that your MP3 audio files are uploaded to your Google Drive account.
  2. Generate Shareable Link: Once the MP3 files are uploaded, generate a shareable link for each file.
  3. Insert Link into Webflow CMS: Copy the generated link and paste it into the appropriate field in Webflow’s CMS where you want the audio file to appear.
  4. Testing: After inserting the link, test to make sure the audio file loads and plays correctly on your website.

Regarding your question about using Google Drive: Yes, it is possible to use Google Drive links for MP3 files in Webflow’s CMS. You can simply insert the Google Drive link for the MP3 file into the CMS, and it should work as expected.

In summary, to use MP3 audio files in Webflow’s CMS when Dropbox links are not working and there are also tools available to convert mp3 to transcript and then you can change the text into Sentence rewriter and then again convert it into mp3 to avoid copyright, upload your files to Google Drive and use the generated Google Drive links in the CMS instead. This should allow you to continue incorporating audio files into your website seamlessly.

Hi again Brynwilder!
Thank you so much for helping me!
The thing is, that my client sent me his Google drive link. So that is not my own Google drive.
So then I can’t Generate that link? as it is not on my own drive? or? (and I don’t know if I have so much space on my Google drive to move them over, - because it concerns a great many MP3 files which need to be exported to the CMS)

But I have tried it out in the CMS, and when you put this Insert Link into Webflow CMS, Webflow does not create such a nice play button, just like the ones we did with those Dropbox codes? Why???

I also so this link How to embed Google Drive Audio in HTML Audio Tag - but they comment below that this does not work anymore? - I have also tried it, - and it don’t work for me either?

For info, Dropbox has changed the link you need when you copy link on your MP3 and put them into your CMS Webflow.

Instead of www. put dl. and it works. Export all your CMS MP3 info to csv in Excel, change all the www into dl and reimport to Webflow collection in CMS.

Dropbox Chatline help me sort this emergency last weekend.

I have asked them to change this permanently on the ‘Dropbox link’ in Dropbox but down know if they will listen. So at present when you copy the Dropbox link, you then manually change the “www” bit to “dl” (dl as in DownLoad although that is probably not what it means). Christopher