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[SOLVED] Embed Widget Issue

Hello there!

I’m having an issue with external hosting sources when using the Embed Widget. From what I’ve researched in the forums, it doesn’t seem like many people are attempting (or have already) in adding their own source material from some of the big-name cloud services such as dropbox, gDrive, skyDrive, etc., and I’d like to know what services currently play nice with Webflow.

i.e. drawing an audio source from gDrive into the embed widget using this forum page, as an example code.

my website is posted here, and for convenience, I displayed the widget pretty close to the top to show you what I mean.

Thanks a bunch; great product by the way.

Hi @Shadowlion, if you can share your read-only link to the site, it makes it easier to see if there is any issue with the way the embed is setup:

I took a look at the source of the audio file, and you are using a gdrive link, but it is not a direct download link.

I would create a direct link that you can directly download the mp3 file… Maybe dropbox would be better suited for this.

You can also use Gdrive if you create a download link that does not first open to a webpage (as the currently link does):

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Thanks @cyberdave the article provided some useful insight which was correct -

I had shared only a link to the browser, and not use a direct download link. The only reason why I’m using Dropbox is because I wanted to get the most out of my free plans :grinning: (15gb gDrive > 2gb Dropbox). I’m assuming video embed is the same, but I will play around with it.

Thanks again!

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