Just cant get audio embed to work, have checked the forum and web

first up here is my share link, https://preview.webflow.com/preview/bryce-cox-portfolio?preview=b0ba50f8baac29f80d9081a735937d09

i’m trying to embed an audio file in the “generative research section” on the referendum awareness campaign page and I have been to w3school to find the html tag along with scouring the forum for help but I just can’t seem to get this to work. I could always use the embed widget from sound cloud or clyph but they do not suit my design plans. I have tried a few variations sbut im unable to isolate the breakdown

thanks in advance webflowers

This is the link to a web page containing an audio player, not a link to a sound file.

In order for your <audio>embed to work, it’s mandatory that the SRC attribute gets a link to a proper sound file (finishing by .wav or .mp3).

Vincent you are the superman of the webflow forum and i appreciate you taking the time to respond.
Your post makes alot of sense but if soundCloud and Clyp both do not give the required link info where could I possibly host the audio file that will give it to me?

Hey @Bryce_Fox

If you have your own FTP, you can host it on it.

I don’t have an FTP so what I use atm is a free mp3 hosting site called https://kiwi6.com/ but maybe there is a better alternative.


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That’s understandable that those services don’t want to link to the final audio file… they sell a service, they don’t want to be just a free CDN.

I you don’t have a CDN or HTTP server with an FTP access, you can start by using Dropbox. Place your audio file in a folder on Dropbox then right click on the file and select Copy Dropbox link.... You’ll get a link that ends by dl=0. Change the 0 to a 1 and you’ll have a functional direct link.

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Vincent, Your reference to Dropbox capture my attention. Do you have any experience using Google Drive to host an Jquery audio player and MP3 files? I am trying to do that using the Amazing Audio Player and cannot yet get my Webflow page to connect to the Google Drive links? Thanks.