I have a navigation question

I’m working on my companies design system and I’m evaluating Webflow to see if it checks all the boxes I need to get this site up and running. I have a paid account and I’ve been looking over the CMS. Looks awesome so far.

What I would like to do is set up a template for users to be able to log in and fill out kind of like a standard blog post really. What I’m having difficulty finding out is, is there a way to populate navigation on the home page with the title of the post once the user creates this content?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated

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Hi John,

Editors or users?

Massive difference which will change what the solution may be.


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I would like the editors that log in and post content to be able to create a post and the title to the post to be added to the nav that will live on the front page

I’d assume that’s fine to do as I’d probably want to at some point and should be a given. Anyone from Webflow clarification is required and documented. Cheers.

How can I find learn how to do this or even learn if this is possible?

As in, a front page that displays the latest blog posts? Just drag in a CMS Collection list element and bind it to the correct CMS collection. Style as you please. You can filter and sort it (and set max blog posts to be displayed).

Hey @vdubplate,

If it’s based on the content entered, you could do it using a combination of multi-reference and other fields. But I have to let you know, this is be extremely advanced. The process of setting it up will be lengthy. Man, you swing for the fences right out of gate huh? :slight_smile: :smiley:

I want to be able to have an editor create say a blog post. Then I want that title from the blog post to show in a navigation on the front page. Is that possible and what would you say the difficulty level is?

It’s one of the core functions of Webflow. It takes seconds to implement.

As I said, just drop in a collection list on your front page and add in elements like title etc. and bind it to the correct CMS field.

So I’ve gotten that far (Creating content dynamicly, adding it and linking it to the CMS ). The problem I’m unable to solve is once a new blog post has been created by a user on the back end, do I have to manually add that post title to the nav after they’re done? How can I set the CMS to add the New post title to the navigation list?

No, it should do that automatically.

A collection list consists of a wrapper, a list and finally a collection item.

Just throw in an empty text field into the collection item you’ve added and then bind that text field to the title field. It should feature the latest blog post at the top by default.

If not, there are many settings for the collection list you can play around with to get the list to display as you want it to.

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. I’ll try to get this all set up tonight in its basic form and report back if I run into snags.

Naaah this does not take seconds I can assure of that. It’s hard to understand without seeing it. This type of set up would be best on a screencast or video conference. You’ll go round and round trying to communicate it in text. :slight_smile:

If you want I can block out some time to go over it on video conference if you need to. Members will definitely need to see this workflow to better help you.

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i did use this exact thing on a site of mine!

I gave the blog cms collection the checkbox field that if toggled would be displayed in the main nav.

Just drag a cms collection item into the nav and select the collection to choose from and set filters in the settings tab (S)

I did remove that “feature” due to it being too “complicated” for the editors.
They gave the cms entries way too long titles and dynamically loading parts of the nav messed with SEO (structured data etc)

Ok so I was able to set up a vertical nav.
I was able to get the collection list inside of it.
I was able to get the titles of the post to show in alphabetical order.

I was going to ask for help linking these pages but I figured that out and to be honest, I don’t know if I could do it again lol but I got it working

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Lol, that’s how it feels. I spent the last three weeks prior trying to built the same thing out with Gatsby and Netlify CMS and spent countless hours working through build issues so feels like I’ve come a long way. Really excited to learn more Webflow and loving the CMS features.

But it is? Once you’ve figured out how to bind one thing, it’s the same for everything else, it literally takes seconds to drop in a list and make it auto update. Styling might take more time though. His explanations were more than enough, he just wanted titles from the blog post to show on the front page / navigation - that’s not at all “extremely advanced”, it’s a simple core function of Webflow. I just did it on my page now and it took me all of 10 seconds to have my latest blog post titles in my navigation. Of course, everything is easier when you know how, but this is literally drag 'n drop in Webflow, heh.

Well done!

For others in a similar pinch: Just drag in a link element (text or div) and bind that too (yeah, it’s that easy). If you want blog post images to be in the nav / on the front page too, just drag in an image and …you guessed it, bind it to the CMS :slight_smile: