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Is it possible to create a CMS collection inside an instance of a CMS template?

Is it possible to create a CMS collection inside an instance of a CMS template? I have a templated page I want my users to use to create their content. Inside that template, there will be a list of dos and donts that will have a title, secondary text and an image that will be unique to each post instance of the dos and donts section. Is there a way to have them add this content and have it populate a grid in the parent template?

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Not without using Webflow form -> submit > Zapier > Create CMS Item or similar.

I might not have done a great job explaining. Maybe I did. Not sure. I feel like this should be doable. What I want is to have a section in a CMS page where when the editor starts creating the content in the page of predetermined fields, when they get to the new section I want them to be able to create about 6 - 8 new blocks of content. Each of the 6 - 8 parts will have a header paragraph and image. I would just make a new CMS collection for each of these options but I don’t want to clutter up my CMS. I want this section of content to be specific to the page. Is this possible?

I’m thinking this is a bug. I feel like I’m seeing tutorials where others are getting this to work.

No response from the forums.
Contacted customer support, took time to make a video - no response.
Contacted sales. Was told somebody would get back to me in an hour nothing.
The help videos are entertaining to watch but don’t cover all the underpinning complexities.

The tool seems like a great tool but the lack of support for it is probably really hurting the company as it’s a terrible user experience.

I’m not clear on what you are trying to do.

Editing / Creating content is done in the Designer or in the Editor for collection items, not on a item page. Whatever fields you have defined in the designer for the collection are what the editor can use and add content to. So what am I missing?

This is the issue. I’ve created a CMS template page. I have predetermined content. In some of those sections, I would like to pull content from a CMS list as some of these pages have differing content. I was able to do this successfully but what happens is the change happens on every page.

What I would like to happen is say I have 3 content objects in my CMS collection and I have 3 instances of my CMS template, I would like to pipe one content object to each corresponding page.

Visuals would help me (and others) if you shared your read only project share link.