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What should my first website be about?

I am learning about Webflow and I have a serious problem that I find myself stuck when I want to create a website, I am thinking about e-commerce/SaaS but I suck at what to include on the homepage, what sections and stuff like this, I need serious help with this!!

You probably feel the pressure to make a site that looks like other sites, with pages and a structure and all… But you certainly don’t need to do that.

Ecommerce website? Start with the product page, like if you were designing a landing page. Just the page that tells about the product, characteristics, price, buying options…

Then add other products to the same page, then when there will be too many, add a category page with a product grid, then another one, then a home page to spread to the products…

When creating, when designing, start by what makes sense. Start by the particular and end with the general.

You need nothing of what other sites have. You only need to reach your goal (ie sell a product). If you make a site where 1 click only is needed to sell the product, then you’re already better than a lot of sites.

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