Store Starter - styleguide

I want to create a simple business website. It will only sell a couple of products. So I started with the store starter. The style guide is horrendous and non-intuitive. How do I add colours and styles - is it possible to import style guides into a project? There is very little online help. How do I even style the form - there is nothing in the style guide to change. For the amount of money Webflow is charging I would have expected them to have comprehensive basic templates.

Im not sure about this statement.

  1. There is WFU that will give you comprehensive guide how to work with WF.
  2. use search input to find some solutions as this forum has many solved issues
  3. there is many other sources on YT or articles to read
  4. download some free or paid templates from ‘Made in Webflow’

Thanks - however - for the Store Starter template, it seems I am the first person to ever write a question specifically abou this template. So there doesn’t seem to be anything on how to customise and work with the template e.g. add this feature or that that feature

hi @Justforfun2 the best way is to learn about WF basics and after try to understand how to create an e-commerce website. Once you will have basic knowledge you can apply features you need to any “template” or e-commerce project you can download for free or buy.

examples of sources on YT about e-commerce.

Template is nothing than basic setup that can help a bit if you do not willing to start with blank page. Adding a features that expand any template requires a basic knowledge of WF.

If you are confused with template just start from scratch as it is the best way anyway.

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